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 Timiya Reese was born in Minneapolis Minnesota where she still resides. She is 14 years old, very adventurous, outgoing, loving, energetic and smart. She never hesitates to do for others. She has four brothers on her father’s side of the Family and she is her mother’s only child. Her parent’s are Timothy and Delilah. Timiya is active in many clubs and sports in school such as volleyball, track, basketball, dance, debate club and much more. At the age of 13, Timiya’s class assignment was to write a heroic short story. She chose bullying as her topic because she has seen so many people get bullied about what they wear, what they smell like, how their hair looks, and how much they weigh. This resonated with Timiya as she herself dealt with bullies who teased her about how skinny and tall she is. Timiya decided to write about herself and be a voice for others who maybe can’t speak for themselves. Timiya Reese’s first published book is named Brianna’s Voice. She has done many speaking engagements and love spending her time spreading the word to the youth around self empowerment and decreasing bullying.




A Bit About Me

My Story

Dear reader, This book is about bullying, which can happen anytime, anywhere. I encourage you to read it and learn a life lesson: Never give up and keep pushing, even when things get hard. Remember, you can’t run from your problems—wherever you go, they go, you can always fix them if you have the right mind and an open heart. Be positive, be kind, and love yourself first. One thing I have learned over the years is that people look at you to be an example . I try to be an example and a positive voice for my friends. Hopefully Brianna will be your voice, inspiring you to do great things. 

  One day, she decides that enough is enough and sets out to become an advocate for change. Join her on her journey to leadership as she reaches for a world where every young person has a voice.

Love, Timiya Reese.

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Location: Minneapolis Minnesota 

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